måndag 8 april 2013

20/3/2013: Malmö

Now, hopefully, while I'm up in the air on my way to Finland, this blogpost will show up. I have so many photos from the last month that I'd like for you to see, but I have to start somewhere... so what better then than to start with the first day I had my dear friend Antonia visiting me in Malmö?

We went for a walk in the snow (oh yes, it had been snowing a lot, kind of hard to believe these pictures are less than a month old) to Folkets Park and Pildammsparken, and after that we went shopping for food (and candy) at Willy's. The day after this the second German girl arrived in town, Sarah, but I'll have to post those photos some other time... Anyway, here are four photos from that day. Nice jumps, huh?

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