onsdag 11 augusti 2010

10 things I miss about living in Ireland

1. To have that breathtaking and unbelievably beautiful landscape and nature around me. Every day, wherever I go.
2. To walk around on the streets of Dublin and have a latté and a muffin at Starbucks.
3. The sea. And Brittas Bay beach.
4. All those wonderful people I got to know, and that I'm hoping to meet again, soon. And the Irish people in general - warm and openminded people, always ready to give you a big laugh.
5. Some real home-cooked Irish food! (Thought I'd never say that...)
6. To ride out on a hack in the forest, or some training in the arena, with two of the most wonderful horses I've ever ridden. Vicky and Suzie.
7. Wicklow Mountains. Oh, how I miss the mountains! I've never seen such beauty before nor after.
8. Wicklow town. I miss shopping at Tesco, renting a movie at Xtravision, having chinese take-away for 6-7€, going out for a drink at the Old Forge or to just sit down and have a coffee along the main street.
9. To visit the cinema in Bridgewater Shoppingcentre in Arklow! It's just as expensive as anywhere else and the same taste on popcorn, but somehow it's still better.
10. The Irish way of speaking English. I just love it. And I'm proud to say that my way of speaking English probably has an Irish accent to it.

I miss all of this and everything else about Ireland that I didn't mention. I can't help it, but I'm deeply in love with this country!

4 kommentarer:

  1. do u wanna know the things i miss abou ireland?

    1. to drive into wicklow town with malin and rent a movie to have an nice eveening in my place
    2. malin saing candy name... little fat candy....
    3. irish county in general... all the beautiful landscape, and malin showing me around...
    4. to speak english every day again, on the phone during work, in the nightclub in the forge, all this with malin

    Malin i miss you so much and i had a rly rly great time with you, i'm so happy that i met you and that i was able to spent these great 4 month with you.
    i hope that we ll meet again so soon!
    luv u hun xxx

  2. Now THAT almost made ME cry! Thank you so much for those sweet words, you made my evening a lot better <3

    Loads of kisses and hugs to you, my dear friend!

  3. u r sooo right!
    i'm sitting here in my boring room in netherland and really wish to do a ride on the beach!

  4. Awww great post. I know the feeling, I'm in a way sad to say. Of course I've never been to Ireland, but I know what it's like to remember something and to miss it so much that it physically hurts. ...Move to Malmö already!! I need company. Haha.