tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Okay, so this is for you

New month again. It's already August. Why did another summer fly away this quickly, without me having had time to enjoy it properly? I guess that's what happens when you get older and have to work, instead of relaxing on the beach and similar activities you want to do when it's hot and sunny.

Sarah asked me to write in English, so she could understand, so here you go, honey! And I still plan to come to Germany and visit you and Toni as soon as possible! And as I feared I have had way to much work this summer to have time with any longer trips, although I would have loved to fly over to Berlin for a longer weekend in your company.

So, what's happening in my life that you have to know about? The biggest change is, no doubtedly, that I'll be moving to Malmö in Sweden in just 3,5 weeks. To study the English language. I'm so very much looking forward to move away from Vaasa again, 'cuz I'm really getting sick of this city!
And I miss Ireland. Every day I think about it, and all the fun I had while being there. Every day I wish I could go back. Wish I could stay there. Live there.

Today I went in to town to try and get some things sorted, about my future life in Sweden. It didn't really get much clearer, but at least now I know that I have to wait with sending in some papers until I'm there.
So what else have I done today? I met an old friend of mine in town, so we had a coffee and talked and I really enjoyed it. It was nice seeing him again. And later on tonight I'll meet another old friend, and hang out and maybe watch a movie together with her.

Tomorrow I'm working again. The best work I've ever had. Seriously. I love it!

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  1. Hey my love....i can rly rly rly understand that u miss irleand so ... i feel the same. but it's so much going on....
    i got a university place in my home town cologne, not in berlin, but i'm still waiting for some answers... maybe i still get one... i hope so cuz i want to live with my boyfriend and my friends.
    i miss u honey and thanks for writing in english again :) :* ♥