onsdag 29 september 2010

A dream that came true

When I was a little girl I used to play out in the woods behind our house every day. I could be out for hours and hours and not even wanting to come back when my mum called me in for dinner.
I had a friend who lived closely to me. We were in the same class at school (and have been so for 8 years, and we’re still good friends today, although I’m not sure if that’s relevant to this story) and immediately when the school bell rang and we finished for the day, we rushed home, threw away our bikes and ran laughing and happily down to the woods. We barely even stopped for a snack, no matter how hungry we were.
You see, the thing is, that between all the fir trees we had our own secret stable with our own strong, beautiful and imaginary horses, with the most exciting names we could think of (but unfortunately I can’t remember any particular names now). We used to groom our horses, give them grass and hay that we picked on the meadow nearby, muck out their stables and saddle up and go for a ride. We built fences on all the different tracks in the forest, using every stick and log we could find, and then we galloped at high speed and jumped over every fence. We competed about who could jump the highest, and when my friend once jumped over a fence almost a meter high I was green with envy… I tried, but I wasn’t quite as flexible as she was. Many times we fell and got hurt, but we didn’t really care that much. We were having way too much fun to complain about some small wounds! There really was something magical and holy about the forest back then.

So, for many years my friend and I explored every single path we could find in that forest, dreaming that maybe someday we would actually be able to ride there on a real horse made of real flesh and blood. We took lessons once a week at a riding school outside of town, went for riding camps in the summer, but like every pony girl in their early teens we dreamed about having our own precious, little horse. That dream seemed very far away though…

One day, not long after I had turned 15 (a period of my teenage life that I found very depressing), my mum came home from the dentist asking me a question I had never expected to hear. She asked if I would want to go and have a look at a horse in a stable in town; a black, kind-hearted and well-trained horse that was for sale. And so we did. And it was love at first sight!

I (or to put it correct; me and my family) have been the owner of a beautiful horse named Geizer for almost six years now, and I still can’t believe that it actually happened! I am now riding on the same paths as I imagined I did when I was 8 or 9, but this time it’s for real. My biggest dream in life actually did come true.

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  1. This is the sweetest thing i ever read ♥

  2. Hihi, thanks <3 :D i wrote it for a thing in school, but I still have to make some changes on it, to make it come "alive" and be more creative.

  3. Vad härligt! Alltid också velat ha en egen häst.. Just nu pausar jag faktiskt från ridningen, för det känns som om jag inte får nåt ut av det då man rider på olika ridskolehästar hela tiden.. :(