onsdag 4 april 2012

Maybe I should start planning where to go

With three weeks left to Ireland it is perhaps time to start planning my days there. So, first of all, when I arrive on Tuesday the 24th I'll jump on a bus to Wicklow and spend a couple of days at my former workplace and home. After that, on Thursday, I'll probably buy a tourist-railcard for 110€, which gives me unlimited travelling for four days. But where should I travel to?

I've made up a quick map to show you where I know I'll be for sure (in blue), and where I'm thinking of going (in red). The other side of the country, obviously. The southwestern parts, since that's an area I never had the time to visit. So which cities/towns/places should I visit? Cork, Killarney, Tralee, Limerick? And maybe also Galway, although I've already been there twice?
After travelling around a little for a few days, I want to go back to Wicklow on either Saturday or Sunday, and go out and party at The Old Forge, where I always used to party! I can stay at my friend Zanes house until Tuesday (thank you sweetie, it's much appreciated), when I want to go to Dublin for a night. My flight takes me back to Sweden on Wednesday afternoon.
So, these are my plans so far. Any suggestions or advices of things/places that I should consider doing/visiting?

I'm so excited on going back! I can't wait!

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  1. Jag var i en liten by som heter Craughwell och jobbade och det var där jag fann min nuvarande underbara häst. Iaf när jag var ledig om dagarna var jag väldigt ofta in till Galway, för enligt mig så är det så underbart att bara gå där och njuta! Ett tips är att du åker ut till Connemara och Clifden ett helt unik område med :D