tisdag 20 april 2010

Please God, make it stop

I'm really worried now that I wont be able to fly home next Tuesday. And what if the other volcano, Katla, decides to errupt too? If that happens, all this is going to be a lot worse than anyone could ever expect, and the risk of that happening is huge.
I did a quick research on how much it would cost me, if I have to take the ferry/train/bus to get back home, and yahaay, that would cost me at least 500€! As I've said before, if it wasn't for that entrance test to Arcada in Helsinki the 28th of April that I have to and want to do, then I wouldn't mind staying a few extra days or weeks in Ireland. But as it is now... well... I'm kinda fucked.

I spoke to my parents on Skype a little while ago, and they were supposed to be going to Italy today, but since Ryanair has grounded all their flights until at least thursday, they wont be going anywhere and had to cancel their trip. I feel sorry for them, because I know how much they (or especially my sister maybe) were looking forward to going.
Oh, and I was talking to my precious cat Bo-Göran on Skype too! And he recognized my voice and turned his head and ears to the speaker! My heart melted a little bit. I really miss him a lot. I want to hug him now! Hopefully I will in a weeks time.

So why am I writing this in English today? I don't know. I just felt like doing it.

Anyway, will you please keep your fingers crossed for me, and pray that I will get home the 27th? Because since this was an (stupid) act of God, then he should listen to our prayers. Unless he wants to be extremely mean and fuck everything up. (Is God a "he" or "she"?) PLEASE GOD, MAKE THE VOLCANO STOP! Pretty please?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nejnu ringer ja till vulkanen och säger att den får sluta med sånhär barnsigheter ! .. vill ha hem dig därifrån :D ( och emmi som sitter fast i italien .. haha ) :D

  2. janåhe, he tycker noo jag o! :D Anonym borde skriva sitt namn förresten ;) Mia kanske? :D

  3. haha , joo de va jag , hela grejjen fucka upp sig när ja skrev namngrejjen , trodd de iaf sko kom mia , men noup :D hahah sorry !

  4. u wrote in english for me my girl ;) cuz u love me and u want me to understand ur blog to make good comments on it :)
    i think that i'm the only one thinking this way. but i like my idea
    I miss you and i want to hug u now!
    good luck!