fredag 29 oktober 2010

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Allright, I'll do it. I'm sure it will be a fun journey through my memory! And I will be writing in English, so that everyone can understand, plus, it's good for my studies too. Okay, first day of this challenge and I have to introduce myself. I'll give you a "short" version of my biography, because I don't want you to get bored.

I was born in November 1989, and named Malin Ulla-Stina, after my mothers sister who passed away as a teenager in a drowning accident. I grew up in Vaasa, Finland, in a happy and loving family. I'm a Swedish-speaking Finn, and I'm proud of it.
My biggest interest throughout all these years have always been horse-riding. In the beginning of 2005 my family bought a horse, Geizer, who has been my light in the darkness ever since. He will be under my surveillance until the day he takes his last breath.
After graduating from school in 2008 I decided to live on my own conditions and flew out of my nest and moved to an apartment a few kilometers away from my Mum and Dad. I adopted a kitten, so I wouldn't be alone, and I named him Bo-Göran. We spent every night close together.
Soon I got bored of living in Vaasa, and I realized I had to spread my wings once again. This time I moved to Wicklow in Ireland, after getting a job as a groom/au pair. So I packed, jumped on a plane and arrived to my new home on the countryside. I lived in Wicklow for a whole year. The best year of my life. I fell head over heels in love with the country.
In the end of April this year I knew I had to get back to Vaasa again and get my life sorted out. I spent the summer working as a photographer at VBL, and in the middle of it I got the news that would determine my future for the following years. I had got a place at Malmö University in the south of Sweden.
And so here I am today; living and studying in Malmö, and I'm supposed to stay here for three years. The programme I'm on is called 'English Studies', focusing on i.a. linguistics and culture.

So, that's it. Well done to you if you read the whole story! That's all I'm going to tell you about myself for today.

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