måndag 1 november 2010

Day 04 – What you ate today

I didn't actually eat as much today as I normally do. I had a late breakfast; two slices of dark bread with tomatoes and cheese, and a glass of orange juice. And as afternoonsnack I had a small amount of candy! Yummie. And later me and my roomie V made our own hamburgers, which we ate while watching The Last Song. Pretty good. Not the movie, but the food.

Before that, we went out for a little drive in Malmö with V's mum's car. Drove down to the sea and the harbour, and had had a vanilla latté and a carrotmuffin at Espresso House. We sat down outside with a blanket around our legs and talked and listened to the waves splashing against the rocks. That was nice too. And we got back home safely, without making any damage to the car! Now that's impressive, huh? It wasn't so bad driving in this town, as I first thought.

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